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The Imperfect Innovation Process

Innovation is messy. It can be unwieldy. And it’s packed with setbacks. It’s the imperfect nature of the process that makes creativity in business so challenging. Are you progressing or regressing? Sometimes it can be hard to tell.

Think Unbound offers a ground-breaking innovation process built on years of research and testing that takes into account the natural ebbs and flows of creativity and embraces the imperfections. The result is a simple, teachable model that reflects the iterative nature of creativity to foster the growth of innovation within organizations.

Our Approach

See how Think Unbound’s proprietary innovation model – The Clover Model – can help you.

A Different Approach To Thinking

The human brain has evolved to create order out of chaos. Our desire to organize and categorize is so strong that we’re prone to apophenia – the experience of recognizing patterns in meaningless data. To truly unlock the potential of our creative and critical thinking skills, we need to train our brains to use a different approach to thinking.

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Think Unbound offers workshops, classes and webinars designed to help you overcome the common pitfalls and employ new practices that will lead to increased creativity in business or personal pursuits.


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