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Think Unbound is a St. Louis based strategic thinking and innovation consultancy. We know that every innovation challenge features its own unique barriers and opportunities that require a customized solution. Using our proprietary system, including the Clover Model of Innovation, we work with our clients to understand their unique barriers and opportunities and build a custom innovation model to put them in the best position to succeed.

Our Mission

There is no such thing as the creative class – a select and gifted few who were born with the ability to create. Everyone has this ability in some form. In fact, it is our ability to create and critically think that defines us. However, these abilities are like muscles. When used and tested, they grow strong and efficient. But untested, or even worse stifled, and these thinking muscles begin to wither and atrophy. The goal of Think Unbound is to address the hows, whys and how-tos of critical and creative thinking, and to present these topics in easily readable and enjoyable mental nibblings..

Our Team

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