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What is brainstorming?

First coined in the 1940s by Alex F. Osborn, one of the founders of ad agency BBDO, brainstorming started as Osborn’s personal method of generating the maximum number of ideas using a large collection of thinkers. Since then, “brainstorming” has become a more general term for any problem solving technique designed to inspire and encourage innovation and creativity in business or personal goals. Brainstorm methods cover a variety of formats that can be adapted to large or small groups. They can focus the creative process towards the goal of generating a large volume of lightly developed concepts or fewer, more thought out ideas.

Think Unbound offers practical, step-by-step guides designed to help you execute an effective brainstorm session. These brainstorm techniques have been tried and validated in a live brainstorming session, so you can feel confident you’re using a creativity tool that works.

Build the Perfect Brainstorm

It takes more than the perfect technique to plan a successful brainstorm. It takes careful planning, organization and leadership to maximize your chances of generating innovative ideas.

The Brainstorming Bill of Rights

Get better results from your brainstorming process by following this simple outline of the your rights as a brainstormer or brainstorm facilitator.