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Environment is a frequently overlooked portion of the creative process. Generally, it is true that good ideas can happen anywhere, but if time and space permit, it is always better to plan a brainstorm that includes an environment conducive to creative and strategic thinking.

Create the perfect environment with these simple brainstorm tips:

  1. Comfortable, movable furniture allows for a more creative environment where individual or group thinking is possible. Plan a brainstorm that takes advantage of this capability to encourage collaboration.
  2. No time or $$ to meet off-site? Change the environment of your conference room. Move furniture. Play music. Shake it up to create a new and unique atmosphere that’s more conducive to creative and strategic thinking.
  3. Keep the room comfortable. Studies completed by the US Dept. of Energy show a decrease in work performance when the temp is above 77 degrees. And if performance goes down, the creative thinking ability of your group goes down with it.
  4. Plan ahead and make sure you book a meeting room big enough to handle your brainstorm group. The creative process needs room to grow and breathe. Plan a brainstorm meeting place that offers you enough space to spread out and successfully execute your brainstorm technique.

Next, get tips on Choosing a Brainstorm Technique that’s tailored to your desired outcome.

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