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So, you’ve done all the necessary prep work,  selected a technique, created the perfect environment and got the snacks set up. Now what? It’s time to brainstorm. This page offers a variety of brainstorm tips that don’t focus on how to brainstorm. Instead, they give you handy advice that will make the actual brainstorming process easier to execute. After all, it’s all about getting ideas down on paper.

  1. Don’t be left scrambling for good markers and other materials. Build your own brainstorm kit with markers, sticky notes, index cards & other brainstorm tools. Keep it at your desk, so you’re always ready to start.
  2. Use different color markers & symbols to mark ideas for later discussion. The color-coding will serve as a good reminder after you’ve finished your brainstorm session, and it won’t slow the flow of ideas.
  3. Ditch the big easel pads filled with ideas. Oversized note pads are cumbersome. They stick to everything (including each other). And there’s no good way to store them when you’re brainstorm meeting is over. Use your camera or phone to take digital pictures at the end of your meeting. This simple step makes notes portable & permanent.

Did we forget any useful tips? Tell us what you’ve learned in the comment section. Also, visit our blog for the latest brainstorm techniques and creativity and innovation articles.

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