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A one-size-fits-all approach never works. It doesn’t work in clothing, and it certainly doesn’t work in business innovation training. The same old activities beget the same old thinking. Think Unbound approaches every opportunity like the unique situation it is. Our workshops and seminars are custom built based on the needs and goals of every client.

The Clover Model of Innovation

Think Unbound offers strategic innovation consulting services based on the Clover Model of Innovation. This proprietary nonlinear approach to creativity embraces the natural ebbs and flows of the creative process. The result is creative thinking workshops that lead to more innovative business ideas.

Our Approach

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½,  Full and Multi Day Seminars –

These affordable, short-form seminars provide companies with a workshop environment where employees are exposed to a select number of applicable creative and critical thinking skills. These custom-built sessions provide a practical set of skills tailored to the specific innovation challenges faced within the organization, and attendees will put those skills into practice in large and small group exercises.

Unbound Thinking Workshops –

Want to build your own innovation process, but don’t know where to start? During an Unbound Thinking Workshop, our creative consultants will guide you through the process. The result is a teachable and learnable innovation process that is custom tailored to the your specific business challenges.

Think Unbound eCourses –

Not everyone has the time or budgets for custom-tailored sessions. Think Unbound offers highly affordable  eCourses to introduce viewers to the basic concepts of a nonlinear creativity model and offer basic implementation strategies. Each eCourse is divided into 5-8 short videos followed by scenarios to encourage the practical application of knowledge. Each participant will also receive an accompanying workbook that consumers can download and complete on their own time.

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