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We’re always trying to offer the best brainstorming and creative thinking content on the web. We’re proud to offer series of brainstorming and creative thinking classes that will help you get the most out of your natural creative abilities. Learn more about our classes below.


Intro to Brainstorming & Creative Thinking- $35

This course is a basic overview of creative thinking and brainstorming. The course starts with a brief history of the study of creativity and some background into the inception of brainstorming. It also takes a critical look at the potential negatives of group thinking and discusses ways to minimize those in your thinking sessions. The course outlines a series of best practices for planning, facilitating and capturing the ideas from a creative thinking session, as well as several easy-to-implement brainstorm methods that will encourage new and different thinking. The course features 7 different video lectures that are supported by 4 information-packed, downloadable presentations. Overall, this class should take about 1-1.5 hours of watching time, as well as a few hours of prep time to prepare for your brainstorm.

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Critical Thinking In Business Р$TBD

Coming soon.


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